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High School Astronomy

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Natural Science


High School Science

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Algebra 1

High School Astronomy

Course Description:

one high school credit

The goal of this course is to instill a love of God’s truth and splendor as displayed in His universe.

  • Learning objectives include: a detailed study of the history and systems of the universe. interstellar space, matter, antimatter, dark matter, black holes,

  • wormholes, astronomical measurement, the solar system, sun and electromagnetic radiation, inner and outer planets, orbital mechanics, our moon,

  • telescopes, stars, constellations, galaxies, and celestial navigation.

  • Safety protocol and best lab practices will be emphasized.  Labs will include a PowerPoint lecture over material covered at home prior to class.

  • Students perform hands-on experiments.  Students will take notes in the course supplement and the instructor will determine quizzes and exams.

  • There are no At-home tests in the textbook materials.

  • STEM Emphasis:  Research Presentation Required

  • Optional Field Trips/Star Parties to be determined by Instructor


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