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French 1

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Foreign Language



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none, but a basic understanding of English grammar is essential

French 1

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The French 1 course is designed for one full high school foreign language credit. The text presents the basics of beginning French, with strong emphasis on grammar exercises and vocabulary , along with classroom activities which will enhance the student’s comfort in speaking French. The four elements of language learning—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—will be emphasized to build a solid first year foundation. Students will also learn about francophone countries around the world. The text, BJU Press French 1, introduces the French language through the experiences of a missionary family in France. Relevant supplemental materials will be provided by the teacher.

Students should expect a workload of about 3-3 ½ hours per week, consisting of listening, reading, and writing exercises, as well as some memory work, and regular quizzes and tests.


  • BJU Press French 1 Student Text

  • BJU Press French 1 Student Activities Manual

  • BJU Press French 1 tests

  • These materials can be purchased at

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