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Elementary English 2

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Elementary English

Suggested Age:

9-11 years old; students working at approximately a 5th grade level


• ODA Elementary English 1
• Or basic competency in reading and handwriting at a 4th grade level

Elementary English 2

Course Description:

Students in this stage of their development love to learn the rules for how things work.  Our grammar objective is to identify and understand the eight parts of speech and their functions within the sentence.  Students will learn to write to express, record, reflect, and problem solve.


Basic Rules of Grammar

  • Easy Grammar 5 Workbook is our primary grammar text

  • Color-coding parts of speech assists students in comprehending sentence patterns that will carry over into their sentence writing skills

  • Capitalization and punctuation practice


  • Write engaging five-paragraph compositions

  • Introduced to the writing process:  Brainstorm, Draft, Revise/Edit, Publish

  • Topic and concluding sentences

Spelling/Vocabulary Assignments

  • Spelling rules:  syllables, prefixes, suffixes, derivational relations

  • Meaningful vocabulary and activities


  • Scripture

  • Dictation

Parental Responsibilities

Each week parents are asked to oversee the completion of the following assignments

  • Easy Grammar

  • Spelling/Vocabulary

  • Weekly Writing Assignment to be sent to the teacher for grading


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