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Developing Social Relationships

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Academic Development


Analytic Development

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--Functional abilities: Suitable for kids with autism spectrum disorders (mid to high functioning), sensory processing disorder, speech/language and social communication disorders, Asperger’s, ADHD, Down Syndrome, and other special learning needs.
--Students should know how to read and write and/or be familiar with written language.
--Be able to function in a group and answer questions

Developing Social Relationships

Course Description:


The focus of this class will be to learn how to create and sustain relationships with God, peers, and adults by taking thoughts captive. Undesirable thoughts and behaviors often inhibit successful relationships in kids with special needs. The core verse for this class is 2 Corinthians 10:5. We will use the Social Thinking Curricula: I am a Social Detective! and Superflex for understanding the individual emotional landscape (how the child is feeling) and to gain social awareness (what is going on around them.) Kids with special needs are often strong visual learners and these programs have wonderful pictures that help reinforce what we will be studying.


First: learn what we need to do in order to be “present” so that we can be in relationship with others ie. eye contact, calm bodies, listening ears.

Second: What are the benefits to relationships and how are we obedient to God through our relationships with others?

Questions for students to explore during the course:

  • How can I take thoughts captive in the moment of temptation to overreact or get very upset?

  • How can I overcome rigidity, inattention, and anger to have healthy, fun relationships?

  • How can I communicate my thoughts and feelings in a loving way?

  • How do my actions and reactions affect those around me?

  • How can we learn to be flexible?

  • What does the Bible say about relationships?

  • How can we live out the most important commandment to love God and our neighbor?

  • How does serving others and being in relationships help us become happier?


  • Jernigan course curriculum (given to each student and price included in $60 monthly tuition)

  • *You are a Social Detective!

  • *Superflex: A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum Package

*We use these curricula to scaffold the curriculum for this class. It is not necessary to purchase these products.

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