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A Study in Daniel

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Suggested Age:

13 and up



A Study in Daniel

Course Description:


  • To study the book of Daniel with an eye for preparing students to successfully walk with God through a life in which non believers and godless patterns of behavior often times heavily influence the cultures in which we live.

  • To better understand God’s vision of greatness: helpful love and service – not selfish ambition.

  • To understand that it is possible to be both godly and successful in this life.

  • To notice that Daniel was more successful than his peers precisely because of his relationship with God.

  • To notice Daniel’s trust in God’s word as a reliable source of knowledge that is pertinent to real life: to recognize that faith and science don’t exclude one another, but that God’s word is the first and most reliable authority.

  • Also to understand that through our relationship with God and through humility, anyone can live out greatness in God’s Kingdom, that nobody is disqualified.

  • To understand God’s love for mankind as those created in His image, and to understand His heart to be reconciled to mankind.

  • To notice that through seasons of brokenness, God restores people to the greatness for which He created us all.


  • A Touch of Greatness – A study in Daniel by David Swarbrick II

  • Bible – Any generally recognized version

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