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Abigail John-On Sabbatical

Abigail John portrait.jpg
Faculty – Fine Arts

Phone:  979-220-1031



  • B.A. in History from Texas A&M University

  • One year of Choral Music Education from Baylor University


  • Piano Instructor since 2017

  • Private Homeschool Tutor - since 2018

  • Church Choir Co-Director - since 2021

  • Church Camp Counselor in 2021

  • Volunteer at Twin City Mission homeless shelter - 2 years

  • Lead singer in Church Choir - since 2017

Abigail John ODA Family Picture.jpeg
Abigail John Teaching Photo.png


"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Abby. She is a wonderful teacher. I really did not expect that caliber of instruction from a college student. She is better than my high school piano teacher with a BFA in piano!" - MR

"I want to thank you for teaching --- for so long. We really appreciate your kindness and patience, not to mention flexibility... We're grateful for you." - KC

Abigail John ODA Ministry Picture.png
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