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Business Courses

Economics and Personal Finance

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This is a one-year economics and personal finance class that provides the recommended half credit for high school Economics and a half credit elective for Personal Finance.

Students will study all the basics of economics: supply and demand, types of economies, the stock market, money, inflation, business organization, and GDP, among other topics. This class will introduce micro & macroeconomics for a basic overview of economics. This curriculum encompasses theoretical economics but mainly focuses on practical application for everyday life with a Biblical foundation.

The second semester covers Personal Finance incorporating Dave Ramsey’s tips on money management for high schoolers. This portion is very practical with students learning to budget, comprehending investment strategies and how to apply them, understanding credit, debt, insurance, income taxes and more. This semester will contain lots of practical application and will continue with an emphasis on managing money from a Biblical perspective.

The curricula combines outside reading, classroom instruction, presentations, as well as hands on problems and activities to learn the concepts presented in a variety of ways. Students should plan to spend 2-3 hours a week outside of class in preparation.

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