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Economics & Personal Finance with Dave Ramsey
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This is a one-year economics and financial planning course that uses simulations and classroom lectures to teach economics and financial planning in a way that is both interesting and relevant. In class, there will be hands-on activities, case studies, and real-world activities to bring this information to life. Students will study all of the basic concepts of economics including supply and demand, types of markets, competition and monopolies, stocks and bonds, government and the economy and money and banking. We will also integrate real life economics where students will learn how to invest in the stock market, fill our simple tax forms, and learn concepts like budgeting. As we study real life economics we will pay special attention to biblical integration and look at God’s perspective about money. The financial planning part of the course will use material by Dave Ramsey. The Dave Ramsey financial planning material meets or exceeds standards in all 50 states and all national standards for personal finance. Students should plan to spend about three hours a week preparing for class.


  • This course has a course supplement that will be handed out the first day of class. You will need to purchase the textbooks online. The course supplement will be purchased from your teacher. Please see your instructor’s website for fee information.

  • Principles of Economics by N. Gregory Mankiw, 3rd Edition, ISBN-13   9780324168624

  • Course Supplement (order at ODA bookstore (available after 7/15/20)) 

The Kingdom Entrepreneur
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The Kingdom Entrepreneur consists of three distinct segments, each having two parallel tracks: one that explores Kingdom worldview and the other that instructs in Business Administration.  In the broad sense, this course will encourage the entrepreneurial spirit that the Father put in each one of us, the innate desire to create and prosper.  It looks at business as a mission, either profit or non-profit. 


The two main goals of this class are:


  1. For the student to grasp their unique call to be part of bringing God’s  Kingdom to earth as it is in Heaven in every aspect of life.

  2. To equip the student with crucial business tools that will empower them to turn their dreams into a prosperous reality.


The focus of segment one is Identity.  The goal is for each student to gain a better understanding of their Kingdom identity and their God-given gifts and talents.  As the student begins to develop their own business idea, they will also learn how to develop the identity of their business through vision and mission statements, designing a logo and shaping their brand for marketing. 


Segment 2 explores Relationships.  We will seek to understand the relational nature of God our Father and learn to model our relationships based on His love and encouragement to build up the Body.   This model can be extended to business relationships, as well.  The goal of this track will be to gain an understanding of leading and managing people, time and inventory.  In addition, we will apply these relationship principles to working with customers, suppliers and the marketplace at large.


Segment 3 examines Economy.   We will compare God’s definition of wealth, riches, prosperity and honor to their worldly counterparts.  Students will learn that currency in God’s Kingdom comes in many different forms and that our Father has set forth numerous laws and principles for increase and prosperity.   On the Business track, students will learn how to measure the financial health of their business through accounting and record-keeping.  They will learn how to determine the cost of doing business and pricing their product or service.  


In addition to a greater understanding of who they are and what they are called to do, students will produce a complete business plan for their dream business. 


  • There is no textbook to purchase.  Material fee covers the worktexts that will be distributed in class.    


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