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Brandi Knippa

Faculty EnglishBusiness, Humanities


Phone:  512-971-7932



  • BFA in Radio/TV/Film from SHSU


  • Public speaking in business and community events - 20 years

  • Acting, authoring/directing student productions - 20+ years

  • Corporate owner/manager of financial & accounting systems - 10+ years

  • College television & Radio DJ/Producer - 3 years

  • Discipleship/teaching teenage and children’s classes - 15 years

  • 20+ years experience in professional and academic writing


It is my privilege to be able to work with One Day Academy as a teacher.  I have a passion for connecting with students and facilitating learning strategies that encourage problem solving, analysis, deep thinking, and growth.  My belief in Christ is of the utmost importance and permeates through everything I do.  I desire to see your students succeed in the course I teach; however, I also deeply desire for them to succeed as adults in productive, purpose driven lives benefiting our society.  I do this through class discussions, debates, communication skills training, and frankly, watching, listening and acting on what your students have to say.  Basically, I love teaching, and I know, without a doubt, it is my calling.


Mrs. Knippa is not only a fantastic educator to her students, but she is great at communicating to the students and parents exactly what is expected. (and she takes online payments!)   S. Tomlin (English 3)


Michael absolutely loves this class! He wants to talk about economics every day at home. Economics is required for college-bound graduates and there is no better way to satisfy that requirement than at ODA.   N. Baber (Economics)


“Our daughter is taking both Speech and Economics from Mrs. Knippa. She enjoys the class, is learning a lot and has really grown through her experiences.”   K. Riddle (Economics and Speech)


I am so thrilled with the individual attention and patience demonstrated by Mrs. Knippa toward her Theatre students. She showcases their talents and holds them to a high standard of excellence! Class is a highlight of our week as my child has a positive place for channeling his dramatic aspirations.  M. Taylor (Theatre)

Brandi Knippa English 5 Thesis Defense 2
Brandi Knippa Tribe Family Photo 2019.JP
Brandi Knippa Wyatt reading The Raven En
Brandi Knippa English 2 Big Screen Pitch
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