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Anne Dyess

Faculty Foreign Language


Phone: 512-497-8589



  • B.S. University of Texas in Education, Spanish minor

  • St. Edward’s University - bilingual endorsement

anne dyess portrait.jpg


  • Bilingual elementary teacher, K-5th, Austin I.S.D. - 7 years

  • Homeschool teacher to 4 homegrown children, K-12 - 18 years

  • Classical Christian Institute- History, Latin I & II, Spanish I-IV - 8 years

  • Latin I & II, Spanish I & II, HEART & One Day Academy – - 5 years

  • Spanish I & II, Pre-AP Spanish III, Pflugerville High School - 13 years

  • Department Chair for World Languages PHS

  • Evangelism leader for church

  • Discipler for Billy Graham’s online courses in Spanish. Trainer/evaluator of other disciplers.

  • Active pre-covid in medical missions on the border as a translator and in Mexico City

  • Bilingual CASA for Travis County - 2 years

anne dyess


"You make learning a language a fun and exciting experience. I love doing interactive work and have learned some history."

"I enjoyed this course more than I thought I would. Reading and laughing throughout the year-your attitude and fun way of expressing the text makes the class entertaining and makes me want to learn more. I really appreciate you encouraging me during the year."

"Thanks for being a marvelous teacher. You are an inspiration to me and I want to keep learning more in your class."

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